Trinity Window

The faceted glass Trinity Window in the Narthex of Holy Trinity was built in North Carolina and installed in November 1989 in our Sanctuary expansion area. The window was donated in memory of the Rev. Waldemar H Nelson, Pastor of Holy Trinity from July of 1979 through April of 1987. The window was designed to reflect the beauty of the area, and from the interior of the Sanctuary, it appears as if you are looking outward over a beautiful gulf coast beach scene. At the base of the window is a sandy beach and gulf waters complete with white caps. Midway up the window we find the symbols of the Trinity. On the right is a clam shell, representing both the Father's creation of life and of new life through the waters of Baptism (3 streams of water are flowing from the shell). In the center of the window (the "center" of life and salvation) stands a cross, the symbol of Christ's sacrifice on our behalf, surrounded by symbols of grapes and wheat and bread and wine (The Lord's Supper - His Body and Blood given and shed for us). On the left of the window is a descending dove, representing the Holy Spirit sent to us by God to lead, guide and inspire us throughout our lives. The dove is carrying a pink rose, included in the window in memory of Bernice Foreman, church secretary of Holy Trinity for 17 years. At the top of the window is a blue sky completing our look out the window and our view of the world (creation and life from the perspective of our Church and our Christian faith). A clamshell-shaped Baptismal Font stands in front of the Trinity Window.