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From participating in events, prayer, joining us in worship, or donating to different ministries or programs, each decision has an impact that is felt and echoed throughout the community and the church's mission of serving God.

music ministry

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Reaching others through song

Our diverse music ministry is intended to inspire hearts, inform minds, uplift spirits, and glorify God.  From Holy Trinity's amazing classically-trained organist, congregation-sung hymns, our talented adult choir, solo musicians, or guest singers, we literally have something for everyone to enjoy.  Using our church-owned bells, we also occasionally have a bell choir that energizes music in a new and exciting way.

Sharing and caring food drive



The 1st Sunday of each month

The monthly Sharing and Caring food drive (our community food bank) is held the 1st Sunday of each month.  Bring canned and dry goods, baby formula, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and laundry detergent to the lobby of the Christian Life Center. 

backpack food sunday


Backpack food sunday

The 3rd Sunday of each month

Backpack Food Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of each month and provides weekend meals for needy children at Edwins Elementary School during the school year.  The program is managed by the Feeling the Gulf Coast Food Bank in Milton as part of the Feeding America national program.  Bring individually-packed nutritious food items to the lobby of the Christian Life Center.  A specific shopping list is available in the Christian Life Center, and monetary donations are also welcome so food items can be purchased.

Global Mission Gift Fair

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"Alternative Gift Giving"

The Global Mission Gift Fair is an annual event held in November each year that benefits local, national, and international projects for people and communities in need through “alternative gift giving”, such as school supplies, hunger relief, teacher training, medicine, honeybees, or livestock.  Gifts assist individuals and families in our community, nation, and places as diverse as India, Africa, and South America.  Donations can be self-initiated or made on behalf of friends, family, or loved ones. During our most recent gift fair, we raised over $7,500 for 8 different missions.

Care group ministry

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Everyone in our congregation is assigned to a Care Group with other members of Holy Trinity who live in their local neighborhood. Each Care Group also has a leader who is available to help you during times of need. Care Group Ministry is a shepherding ministry in place to spread the Gospel in and through the Congregation by promoting relationship-building and fellowship among members, reaching out to and supporting members and their families in times of need or special joy, and welcoming new members into the congregation and Care Group. Here at Holy Trinity, we have 15 different care groups. If you don’t know to which care group you belong or who your leader is, please contact the Care Group Coordinator (Waldi A.) or the church office at 243-0788.



Magazine Donations

The 1st Sunday of each month

Magazine donation collections the 1st Sunday of each month are distributed to the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, Oncology Center waiting room, and Magnolia Manor senior citizen center.


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The shelter in the storm

Our church actively supports Lutheran Disaster Response to assist those affected by hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods, or other natural disasters. Your gifts ensure that our church can provide help and hope for those around the country whose homes have been devastated or have otherwise been impacted by tragedy. Your donations designated for Lutheran Disaster Response are used entirely (100%) for that purpose. Donations can be made through our congregation or sent directly to the ELCA.

donation of quilts


Donation of quilts

Gifts of love to families around the world

With a prayer of dedication, our church regularly donates beautiful hand-made quilts for God's service through Lutheran World Relief.  Our church recently donated 121 quilts that were distributed to needy adults and children around the globe.  You can help make a positive impact in the world.  Become a part of Mary/Martha Circle to assist this worthwhile endeavor.

School Kit.jpg

School kit donations

Making a difference in the lives of children around the world

We collect school supplies for kids in need. Public school is usually free, but in many parts of the world, even a few required supplies, like pens and paper, are more than many families can afford. Additionally, when parents can afford to only send one of their children to school, girls rarely get priority, yet the education level of mothers has a profound impact on child development. Help us make a difference.


Personal Care Kits 2.jpeg

Personal care kits

Blessing those in need

Personal Care Kits are collected each year in support of Lutheran World Relief.  Items include light-weight bath-size towels (dark colors recommended), adult size toothbrushes in original packaging, sturdy combs, bath-size bars of soap in original wrapping, and metal nail clippers.  LWR often distributes Personal Care Kits to people who have lost everything following a natural disaster or for those who have fled from violence as their homes were overtaken. We recently completed our latest endeavor, and each year we donate over 100 personal care kits given to appreciative families throughout the world. May God bless those in need who receive a kit.

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