Mary Martha Impact

Mary Martha Circle (the Quilters) create quilts that are donated to benefit Lutheran World Relief and other charitable organizations. 

The Lutheran World Relief has partners around the world who are on the ground working closely with people in the projects we support. Those partners send us requests for Quilts and Kits when they see a particularly great need or opportunity for the items to make a real difference. That difference is felt, as our Club makes hundreds of quilts that are distributed to countless countries across the world. Make a difference spread throughout the world. Those who contribute to this club are part of bringing God's kingdom into the world with every kit they assemble and quilt they tie. Those involved are truly part of something bigger than themselves.What they are doing brings value and dignity and life and hope to the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

  • What if my schedule conflicts with quilt making opportunities? How else can I be involved? 

Consider putting together “quilt top kits” with squares cut to size and instructions for piecing a top together. Bundle the kits together and make them available to those in the congregation who may be interested in taking the tops home to complete.

  • You can also provide shopping lists for the items you need to complete Kits and include them in Sunday bulletins for members to take home.
  • They can collect the supplies during the week and bring them to church on Sunday.
  • Set a project timeline and make a basket available or during the offering each week to collect the donated supplies.